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Why real estate investment is the future

?> Why invest in real estate

Why invest in real estate?

The most common question arising before you plan to take a step ahead in investments is, “Why invest in real estate?

Let us acknowledge that the future of real estate is a bright one, featuring a rise in secondary markets, and more. It is very difficult to predict the future, but as real estate investors, we do need to prognosticate, gaping on trends, headwinds, tailwinds, and housing market signals. The future of real estate investing depends on what trends investors keep an eye on, and how best it optimizes for the future of the real estate.

The future of real estate will be characterized by a rise in secondary, tertiary markets, and WFH tenants even prior to the pandemic situation. People look for more affordable housing options in light of rising real estate asset prices as a tendency toward remote and flexible work is a better opportunity for sagacity investors to accommodate WFH tenants with renewed amenities in residential real estate. WFH tenants will play a significant role in the future of the real estate, considering pointers like better office and meeting spaces, faster internet, and increased and optimized outdoor spaces are all ways the developers and landlords will seek to adapt their spaces to this consumer demand. 

We should also foresee the future of real estate in technological innovations being compounded every year. The new real estate tech and digital services are explored by all investors in technology-heavy ones, few niches like smart homes, automation, construction, Blockchain Technology. Smart-home devices are more appealing to a technology-savvy for rental property. Financial reconciliation, rent payments, and maintenance checks through smart devices, similarly many aspects of real estate, including leasing, transactions, and legal title can be managed with digital ledger which act as an official record in real estate. Thu the result of better technology will give rise to digital platforms, which will cut the chain of traditional brokers in real estate i.e real estate agents, brokers, and brokerages. Which will easier the closing process, finding tenants, buying and selling properties, legal paperwork, property maintenance, and so on with less agent interference and rely more on digital platforms and technology to operate. 

Accessibility to real estate investments has been increasing over the years, hence various platforms are being introduced for the foreseeable future like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are booming and giving real estate investors the opportunity to invest in proven real estate businesses as per-requisites industry niches. On the other hand, powered by technology is one where more and more investors can invest at a distance through platforms like Roofstock offers manage-at-a-distance services for investors who want to explore different markets.

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Why Ahmedabad is the ideal place for property investment?


Why Ahmedabad is the ideal place for property investment?

The largest city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, has now become a prime industrial hub of the country. The city has shown tremendous development in sectors including communication, construction, and commerce with the enlargement of expeditious infrastructure development and ultra-progressive policies. In return, the city has been providing unrivaled returns on the real estate front.


Ahmedabad has now become one of the most exciting landing-place for real estate investments in India. It has witnessed a boom not only in the residential market but in the commercial segment too there is a significant price rise, in areas such as SG Highway, Prahlad Nagar, Ashram Road, and some other parts of Eastern Ahmedabad. The demand for property in Ahmedabad has majorly escalated because of the growing interest of investors and the Non-Resident Indians to park their money safely in this city due to a few of the following benefits.


Well-developed infrastructure has played significant reasons in the growth of investor interest in Ahmedabad. The concentric road network of the city with its additional development of the public transport system which includes connectivity through the metro and the exemplary Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) has not only put a stop to congestion across the city but has also advanced the expansion of the outlying areas. Thus Ahmedabad witnesses a quiet low level of congestion as compared to other cities in the nation.


Smart City Project:
The Ahmedabad Smart City Project is increasing its demand in the future by building a dream project for Gujarat. This project is a stepping stone that will lead this city among the first 20 smart cities of the country, competing strongly with other metropolitan cities in terms of its connectivity, integrated transport network, inclusiveness, and flexibility. Smart City project has been recognized as a global IT and financial services hub, which is predicted to create nearly one million job opportunities in the future. Thus it is motivating many top builders and developers to come up with new projects here and thus Ahmedabad is increasing in popularity among real estate investors and projects under construction in this city.


Commercial Growth & Civic Amenities:
New industrial setup in the city, BPOs, KPOs, IT companies, multinational companies, etc are leading to an increase of ROI in the field of the commercial estate in Ahmedabad. This escalating footprint of many multinational and global corporations is adding fuel to the demand and development of both residential and commercial real estate in this city.


Ahmedabad is situated on the side of the Sabarmati River, a safe city brimming with humble and friendly people. On the contrary, the cost of living is low as compared to other political cities, this city is booming with the finest educational institutes of the Nation including IIM Ahmedabad, National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism, B K School of Business Management, and L J Institute of Pharmacy.


Ahmedabad provides ample job opportunities as it is known as a center for pharmaceutical, chemical, and textile industries. Besides these, the city is also famous for the largest exporters of gems and jewelry in India. Thus a seamless increase in employment opportunities, development of the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar twin city region also motivates the increased customer preference in Ahmedabad.

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We at Rentalhelpline.com provide the best features on our website to serve our users with rigorous and unique research on stable markets with the contemplation to residential and commercial property, where our users may further learn more with a surge in property prices.