Miniplex Setup Requirement

Miniplex Setup Requirement

 A miniplex can easily be setup in any existing mall or commercial space/ building, provided the following requirements are met:

  1. Carpet Area – 3500 sq ft or above (without any negative area)
  2. Column to Column Distance – 25 feet
  3. Clear height (Beam bottom to finished floor) – 14 feet

 A capital investment of between Rs.75 – 80 lacs.

Revenue Sharing Business Models.  Two business models (i.e. 50:50 Revenue sharing & Management Model) and the sample illustrative ROI calculations have been elaborated in the attachment.

Miniplex – Advantages

A miniplex serves as the perfect alternative to a multiplex, by offering some distinct advantages:

State-of-the-art Sky Cinex technology, optimizes cinema viewing experience, at no extra cost to the franchisee.

Affordable entertainment and education to audiences.

Promoting of regional cinema, featuring multilingual films.

F&B at affordable prices.

Direct tie-ups with film distributors and alternative content providers.

Low operating and maintenance cost, turning in higher revenues

E-Ticketing and CCTV surveillance 24 x 7.

Transparent online internet-based accounting.

Theatre management services.


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